Hello Everyone,

Hi, I’m Sweetyas. Welcome to my personal blog. There’s nothing much to tell you about my self. I’m just an ordinary woman who owns an introvert personality, a part time credit  analyst at the biggest private banking company in Indonesia, but a full time dreamer (in the middle of my office hours, I do daydreaming too!).

I enjoy traveling so much even though my work place doesn’t allow me to take leaves for too long. For me, writing is the best escape from my daily routine activities and it gives addiction and happiness. Beaches, pine forests, nature view, sea view, city view, foods, fantasy movie, photography, fiction books, and fairy tales are the things which attract me the most.

This site’s contents are my travel notes, movie and book reviews, my hobby in writing short stories, my interest in feminism, and my study in communication fields. I hope all my writings will be informative for you. Waiting for positive inputs and comments from you all.

Cordially, Sweetyas